David López Fernández

One Step Ahead Classroom

Hello, my name is David López Fernández

Currently, I´m a Humanities teacher in Baku (Azerbaijan).

I have worked in a huge variety of environments in the past: from special programs for kids who weren´t able to finish their basic education to the Spanish national Curriculum for Secondary in humanities and music both in public and private schools, and even teaching music in Spain and Italy. The last years I´ve been teaching in international schools, mostly under the Cambridge curriculum.

Why “OneStepAhead?

Why “one step ahead classroom? Why we shouldn´t talk about the avant-garde, or the school of the future?

In the last 15 years, education has been involved ina whirly era of changes, not always good, not always justified, not always necessary. For innovation´s sake, with the desire of being modern or disruptive, with the non-ethical decision of putting the teacher as the protagonist of learning, we have lost the scientific spirit of the pedagogical investigation that was born with the Enlightenment, developing methodological changes not always justified. That is the reason why you will not find anything previously documented, proven right and useful, without proper analysis and time to really check that it works and it´s worthy. We can´t be always te avant-garde. Sometimes we just need to go one step ahead.


What are you going to find here?


No one can deny we live at the same time in a real and a digital universe, and therefore trying to escape from it, as teachers, is as absurd as accepting it without showing any concern. In this section, we will try to analyze the concepts and strategies developed in the education business related to the digital environment and especially those where our students are “prosumers”


Articles, ideas, reviews, recommendations… Everything that could help us to improve our teaching.


Resources for different subjects and levels.


Here you could find articles, album reviews, reflections about music, podcasts and even my own compositions


This section is dedicated to showing some of the pictures I have been taking throughout the years, exhibitions and reflections about the audiovisual sector.


Some of my photographs

My blog

Feel free to join me in this space of debate and reflection.

The “Croquette Approach”

"The best way for developing intelligence is to develop the brain's corpus callosum, and the best way to do so is to "play the croquette" (in Spanish slang, "play the croquette" referee to a sort of game in which kids roll over the floor). I heard that from a...

To hell with jobs!!

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