Hello, my name is David López Fernández

Currently, I´m a Humanities teacher in Baku (Azerbaijan).

I have worked in a huge variety of environments in the past: from special programs for kids who weren´t able to finish their basic education to the Spanish national Curriculum for Secondary in humanities and music both in public and private schools, and even teaching music in Spain and Italy. The last years I´ve been teaching in international schools, mostly under the Cambridge curriculum.

Throughout the years I have kept on studying and today I hold three master´s degrees in Museology, teaching and IT for education. Besides that, I have made research and got involved in projects about transmedia education for humanities, content´s curation, oratory and critical thinking. As a teacher, I have promoted the communication skills and oratory y asking my students to take part in local and international competitions and leading different debate clubs, always with excellent results.

I have always been interested in using debate and reflection as vehicles for promoting progress and enlightenment, and therefore I took part in the 2001´s edition of the Spanish National Debate Competition for Universities (LNDU) where I came in third place and was awarded with the National Oratory Trophy.

Besides being a teacher, an important part of my professional career has been linked to music, both accompanying other artists or leading my own bands and projects, mostly in jazz, and also as a photographer, publishing and exposing several times.

I have had the chance to write a weekly column in several local and national Spanish newspapers, like Diario16.

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